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Summertime is a time for long road trips, evening drives and weekend camping trips. 

Before you find yourself out for a long drive, make sure you prepare for your vehicle for a safe and fun summer of driving. 

Check the Engine:

Make sure that your cooling system is working properly and keeping your engine cool. Chekc your radiator and hoses for cracks, check all connections and check your coolant and  antifreeze levels. Keep an eye on your dashboard temperature gauge.

Air Conditioning:

Inspect your system's belts, and condenser fins. Keeping air moving, makes the refrigerant able to do its job better. 

Tires & Brakes:

Better fuel efficiency can be achieved with summer tires, through less aggressive tread. . 

Summer doesn't always mean dry, be sure you can stop in wet conditions. Bring your vehicle in to have your brake pads and rotors inspected. 

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