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Car Care

Chances are your car is your second biggest investment behind your home. Keep your car dependable and get the highest return on investment for your vehicle. 

To keep your car great be car aware. Below are a few tips and reminders to keep your car running in the tip top shpate:

  • Regular Maintenance

    • Change oil and filter​

    • Check tire pressure

    • Check fluid levels

    • Check belts

    • Check Wiper blades

    • Check Brakes

    • Repair components as necessary​

  • Check every 6,000 miles​

    • Automatic transmission fluid​

    • Belts

    • Battery

    • Oil 

    • Exhaust

    • Hoses 

    • Lights

    • Wiper Blades

    • Windshield washer fluid

  • Check Every 12,000 miles​

    • Brakes​

    • Air filters

    • Coolant

    • Power steering fluid

    • Wheel alignment

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