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Auto Services

Oil Change

Quick and easy oil change. We offer same day appointments, and drive in appointments. 

Brake Repair

We can't stop ourselves from checking brakes. We check it all and offer:

  • Brake service and repair

  • Brake fluid exchange

  • Brake Rotor service and replacement

  • ABS System and Repair

  • Drum Service

  • Brake inspection

  • Brake line and hose replacement


We love wheels! They spin us right round. Wheel on in and we could help you with:

  • New wheels

  • Tire pressure

  • Tire Repairs

  • Tire Replacements

  • Wheel balance

  • Wheel alignment

Pennsylvania State Inspection (Butler County)

Licensed PA state inspection station in Butler, PA. We offer same day appointments.  

A/C Repair

​We get heated up thinking people are driving around without AC or Heating. Blow our way and we get set the temp just right. 

  • A/C Repair

  • Air Conditioning Evac/Recharge Service

  • Heating & Air Conditioning Service


Bumps, thunks, and panel lights is Noise to Our Ears. We love helping customers get their car fixed fast and worry free. ​

  • Engine check lights diagnostics

  • Computer diagnostics

  • Warning light diagnostics

  • Customer five senses diagnostics. 

  • Drive Train Repair

  • CV joint replacement

  • CV boot replacement

  • Fuel system repair

  • Tuning

  • Air intake repair and filter replacements

  • Engine Repair

  • Power steering

  • Timing Belts

  • Transmissions

RV Services

RV & Trailer Repair and Maintenance

  • Winterization, De-Winterization

  • Onsite service calls

  • Tire Repair or Replacement

  • Roof Inspection

  • Roof Repair

  • Body Repair

  • Electronic & Appliance Repair

  • Awning Replacement & Repair

  • Hitch installation

  • A/C Heating Repair

  • State Inspection

RV Maintenance
  • Roof maintenance

  • Brakes, bearings and tires

  • Light, battery break away

  • Water pressure checks

  • LP gas check

  • Appliance check

  • RV hot water heater or furnace maintenance

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